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About us

About us

The art integrates into the design, expresses the life breath with the detail

  • Maximum is founded in Hong Kong, headquarters located in Guangzhou, and have branch offices in Chengdu. Our business provides customers with professional interior design, high-end customization, professional implementation of a full range of solutions and services for hotels, clubhouses, private mansions and real estate exhibition and commercial spaces.
  • We’re committed to create an international high end interior design and implement the brand MAXIMUM to create a number of top level design works, we’ve also won the international and domestic Professional Authority award. We’ve earned our recognition and reputation amongst the industry and from our customers. We speak with the strength of our brand and the power of word-of-mouth on new ideas and design models to lead the industry trends.
  • The height of art and design

    Maximum's team of designers has an international reputation, the founder of Maximum Melissa has a master in design at the University of Milan in Italy, and is an Honorary member of the Florence Institute of Culture and Arts. Tuscany and the Arts Association-senior International Interior designer, Kevin. An international design consultant with more than 20 years of experience as an architect, Sophie Bolduc, the head and the main strength of the design team.



  • Professional Management Team

    Maximum's international business team is strong, and the project process is regulated by international standards. Fred (Chairman):Star-level hotel has an overall management experience of 20 years and controls the hotel’s overall strategic planning, design and engineering; Sophia Leong (Maximum’s International Consultant):Project Director, EMBA program at the University of Ottawa, Canada; Stephane Briand(Maximum’s International Consultant):Master of Business Administration at the University of Ottawa, Canada; Paule-Anny Pierre(Maximum’s International Consultant):Chief Statistician, Ottawa, Canada.


  • International Vision

    Maximum has an international design team and business service team from Hong Kong, Macau, Canada, Europe and the mainland, with first-class artistic aesthetics and international design vision, all-round consideration on the design concept of the project and the needs of the customers, taking necessary considerations to achieve perfection.

  • Quality Control

    Maximum products are based on the brand requirements as benchmarks, each product is carefully crafted and selected. The designer and quality inspection team double check from the initial drawings to the production process, from zero to finished products there are layers of supervision to strive for perfection, it is necessary to have customers receive the most satisfactory result.

  • Project Management, Professional Management Services

    Maximum’s professional management service system is leading in the industry. Maximum’s project management concept is the industry leader, the project is fully managed and is set to meet expected results. From the concept to implementation, the whole process is under strict supervision. Our priority is to help customers save money and save worries and that the project is set at the most reasonable price for the best design works to achieve maximum value. The number priority for customers is to relax and enjoy our professional services. To avoid customers facing many different people in the design process such as, “one to many (more people involved, more suppliers, more materials)" "No after-sales service" "Daily work, exquisite life and renovation time cannot be balanced" and other issues, Maximum will establish a life-long management system with a "one-to-one" service to fix all those troubles.

Social Responsibility
  • Consultation

    Project observation
    Resource gathering
    Project consultation

  • Filing

    Gathering project information
    Confirming Time of Completion
    Provide service quotation and contract

  • Concept

    Discuss direction of style
    Confirmation on concept
    Initial payment

  • Detailing

    Confirmation details
    Materials and Supplies quotation

  • Execution

    Confirmation on blueprint
    Purchasing materials
    Confirmation on model
    Confirmation on furniture
    Onsite follow-up
    Arrange delivery

  • Setup

    Delivery Service
    Onsite introduction
    Payment confirmation
    End payment

  • After-sales Services

    Customer satisfaction survey
    Project Summary
    Provide extraordinary customer Service