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One Sino Manor

2018 Beijing 624 ㎡


Project Name: One Sino Manor
Project Address: Beijing
Project Area: 624㎡
Developer: Sunac China Holdings Ltd.
Soft design: Maximum
Creative Director: Melissa Fang



  Quiet and harmonious, enjoy the modern art landscape



One Sino Manor is located in the fifth ring of Beijing, with ultra-high floor-to-ceiling windows for natural light, the single detached Manor Villa House is isolated from the urban city noise.  Surrounded by futuristic technology, wetland forest ecological resources, the gathering and inheritance of the Eastern and Western context, the One Sino Manor is an elegant collection for elites. The interior design is led and done by Maximum.

Schopenhauer once said that all art wishes to reach the state of music. The founder of Maximum, the cross-border artist Melissa Fang uses the art of music and incorporates it with her design. With the two combined as one, it naturally reveals harmony with artistic aesthetics in a condensed unique space, and this constitutes to a dynamic and harmonious and happy rhythm of sound.

Maximum design introduces the modern simplicity aesthetics spirit into space, embellishing different saturations of blue, defines the modern style of art of space. Subtracting away the unnecessary, contemporary fashion and natural simplicity in space blend with each other. A spiritually quiet piece of marble stone, delicate and exquisite metal, the smell of fresh and deep wood incense, bouquet white as a cloud, each design constitutes to a quiet harmony of art, each harmony makes time and space peaceful to look at. Every space reveals an elegant sense of artistic beauty.

One floor will be connected with the living room, bar, kitchen and restaurant space. A semi-open design will create a rich level of space aesthetic. The living room with high walls, large area floor-to-ceiling windows, wood, and a mix of stone and flax material, grayish blue and light gray colors to contrast the combination, blue sea and tumbling waves, refreshing white magnolia. An elegant atmosphere through the rhythm of rhythm to create a comfortable place in life.

Golden thin legged chairs paired with emerald green soft pillows, space to write an elegant mood. The deep color of the marble table cabinet connected to the wall and the ground and the quality of the inheritance is balanced with the aesthetic and functional characteristics of the design.

In the design of the dining area, light brown is paired with rice white, the bright yellow with the pale blue of the shell flowers add to the brightness, and the comfortable natural green color is introduced from outside the window. The space qualities is simple and elegant and the taste is extraordinary. Advanced custom tableware, tables and chairs, sophisticated works of art, doped mirror color of a transparent flower bottle, lightweight and dynamic lighting, mutually interprets the modern aesthetic life of an elegant atmosphere.

The basement is a leisure space, including a rest area and study room, audio-visual room, wine room and so on. The lounge area is an extension of the design style of the main space, with an elegance in a simple fashion. Such fine sand paved with soft textured carpets, lightweight yarn light covers, chic art sketches, suede classic single chair, exquisite dense furnishings details all tell the artistic spirit of space.

Open space study room design brings the function of the study room and the spiritual needs of modern people blend with a little traditional Chinese elements and modern art blend sublimation in the elegant embodiment of ethereal. Ceramics, glass utensils, landscape artistic decorations take the spirit of lighting and carpets. A set of lake blue with dark brown single chair to create a quiet and leisurely spirit of realm.

The color of the main bedroom space is mainly deep brown. Each furniture in the space is elegant and exquisite, each lighting design is unique, with the modern aesthetic vocabulary of elegance and fashion simplicity, creating an elegant charm. The main bathroom consists of a large area of marble stone with natural light shining in from the windows, tastes the infinite respect of modern aesthetic life.

The second bedroom is designed with a gentle gray as the main tone, emerald green transparent lighting to let the space appear to be clear and transparent. Wooden flooring, cabinets of the hard and splash-ink carpet, cotton and comfort soft bedding combination, the fusion of modern simplicity and elegance of Chinese elements make the texture of space form a balance.

The design incorporates the idea of a girl being like water, gentle and elegant, color of ancient brown and the nimble blue to complement each other, the sun of a spring afternoon bathing in creates a quiet and comfortable mood. Crystal spherical lighting soft as a dream bubble, embedded in the table lamp of a faint blue crystal, ink out a beautiful space of charm.

Sunlight shining through the slanted sunroof, the bouquet of flowers quietly growing, time slowly passing by, space is secured for the enjoyment of a quiet and harmonious mood of life.