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  • 方若非 / Melissa

    Founder of Maximum
    Maximum General Manager/Creative Director

  • Graduated from China Conservatory of Music, Jinan University, Sun Yat-Sen University School of Management Marketing Management graduate, Sun Yat-Sen University School of Management EMBA, is currently studying her masters at the Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy. She studied abroad at Columbia University in New York, West Point, Harvard University, Yale University, the University of Ottawa, and the University of Toronto.


    Crossing from music to her favorite interior design industry, classic yet modern, based on her sense of art, her design is always unique to the spirit of the heart to impress people.


    She mentioned that the design industry is a large, it is a borderless business empire. Through professional interior design she incorporates culture, fashion, art, science and technology to create an organic integration. Furniture, lighting, curtains, works of art, guided by the value of space design, every product being displayed has its meaning and values, rather than simply stacking it must go through a professional designer’s careful matching in order to create the perfect artistic space with emotional sustenance.


    Melissa Fang admitted that after going into the interior design industry, the greatest sense of accomplishment is having professional and international interior design skills and having an operations team and turning a space of nothing into something beautiful and lively. When a customer shows a smile of satisfaction, it is totally worth the hardship and persistence, and that is our greatest happiness!

    ·Vice President of Wood and Cotton Women Entrepreneur Branch, Guangdong Chamber of Commerce, Sichuan Province

    ·Vice President of Guangdong Chamber of Commerce, Sichuan Province

    ·Vice president of Shenzhen Furnishings Art Association

    ·China Furnishings 2016-2017 Annual Designer

    ·Vice President at Sun Yat-Sen University Association of Women Entrepreneurs

    ·Member of the Sun Yat-Sen University Alumni Committee